Are You Tolerating Thieves in Your House?

Are You Tolerating Thieves in Your House?

If you were sitting in your bedroom reading a book relaxing late at night – and you heard a loud noise that sounded like breaking glass coming from downstairs, would you just ignore it and continue reading your book?

If you heard strangers in your living room and peaked down the stairs and saw men in ski masks unplugging the cords from your new flat-screen TV, lifting it off its base, preparing to carry it out the door – how long would you wait before you called 911 or screamed or got your gun?

I bet you wouldn’t wait long, would you?

You wouldn’t sit at the kitchen counter and watch thieves dump your sterling silverware that originally belonged to your grandmother, into gunny sacks and tiptoe out the door with it either – would you?

Of course not!

I don’t even let wasps steal my joy from me. The first day we moved into our new home in Colorado Springs two summers ago, a wasp stung me. It is never going to happen again.  This is war!  I can proudly boast that while we were visiting my mom in Nebraska for Mother’s Day that we caught at least 25 wasps in our new traps!  

Unfortunately, while you wouldn’t tolerate a thief in your house or a maybe a wasp in your yard –

Most of the time Children of God tolerate a much more dangerous thief.

thief casing a house

This thief steals our health, our relationships, our finances, our peace, and yet often we just sit there, watching the thief clean out the house. We complain about our problems but don’t lift a finger to stop the thief.

Who is the thief? The devil. Satan.

The Word of God says,

“Submit yourselves, then to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

As a Child of God, you have dominion or authority over the devil – you resist him and he must flee. It’s a promise. Jesus defeated him at the cross. Now, he only has the power that we allow him to have.

So, here’s the trick – We must be quick to identify the source of our trouble. That’s the problem.  There’s a false doctrine in many churches today that teaches that the God brings sickness, accidents, and loss on us. It’s how He teaches us patience, endurance, and teaches us to be strong. However, that is NOT in the Bible.

The devil promotes this lie so that he can keep stealing from you!

John 10:10 Jesus says (in red letters)  “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

If you think your trials are “gifts from God” to grow you up spiritually in some way, you won’t go on the offense against the attack. You’ll allow it – just as if a bulgar was cleaning out your house and you were holding open the door!

thief arrested

The longer you tolerate the burglar in your house – the harder it is to get him out. He begins to think he belongs there. You have to resist him immediately and he must flee.

This morning as we were driving home from Nebraska – I felt a little achy like I was coming down with some kind of bug. Right away I took my authority and declared – “no way devil – you can’t put any sickness on me! I am a Child of God and in the new covenant, Jesus already paid for my complete healing. You are trespassing! Get out!”  I continued to speak God’s promises for healing. Now I feel fine.

Often I declare that “no weapon formed against me will prosper.” I will not allow the enemy to set up shop in my house.

Kick the devil and his demons out of your house every day! As a Child of God, you have the authority. Just like you have the authority in your own home to prohibit a robber from entering – you have the authority to keep the enemy out of your house, your health, your marriage, your children, your finances!

Get some traps out and go on the warpath against the enemy today!

Consequently, this is another reason why you need to know the promises that belong to you! Get my gift to you:  “70 Promises for an Abundant Life.”

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