Meet Wendy

I grew up attending a mainline denominational church. If there was a service – we were there. Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, special meetings – we never missed. We were easy to find – second row from the front on the left side.

I learned a lot of Bible facts, stories, and the law. I excelled at Bible trivia and sword drills. I learned that Jesus died on the cross and rose again, I accepted Him as my Savior and was baptized on Easter Sunday when I was 13.  Reflecting back on those days, I basically learned all the do’s and don’ts – but no power to do the do’s. As I reached high school I found that being a Christian was cutting into my social life. It appeared to me that the world had a lot more fun to offer than the Christian life I’d been taught.

So I did what a lot of the kids in my church youth group did – I rebelled.

It really wasn’t until I had a very-near-death experience in my 30’s that God, who never let me stray too far, lovingly drew me back to Himself.  As I was recovering from a brain tumor that almost took my life – the one thought that haunted me and finally brought me back to God was,

“what if I had died?”

I couldn’t answer confidently that I knew I would be in heaven. 

I don’t believe that God ever brings anything bad on us, but looking back on it, I thank Him that he used what the enemy meant to destroy me and made it the turning point of my life.

I was a divorced, single-mom with two children when I started on my own quest to get to know the God Who had given me a second chance.  I wanted to know the truth about God and His love. I knew there had to be more to the Christian life than what I had experienced in my youth. I remarried and my husband, Don, who grew up as a Mennonite, joined me on this search for the truth. Over the years we continued to grow in the revelation of all that Jesus redeemed us from through His death. And even more exciting, was the revelation of the inheritance and the victory He won for us through His resurrection.

Over the years as I’ve studied the Word of God, I have grown in my hatred for religion. Did you know that Jesus hated religion? Think about it – the only people Jesus got mad at during his ministry was the religious leaders. He called them a “brood of vipers”  and “white-washed tombs.” Religion is man’s attempt to get to God through works. True Christianity is trusting that Jesus did it all for us. We must simply accept His free gift. It’s through grace that we are saved, by faith.

Lies exposed . . .

I started praying that God would uproot out of my mind anything that He did not plant there – any lies. I prayed that every false teaching of religion that I had grown up with, would be exposed and that only truth would remain.  God has answered that prayer. Lies were, and still are being exposed.  No one meant to lie to me, it was just traditions of men, teaching from church leaders passed down through the generations that we accepted as truth – but without scriptural basis.

I grew in my passion to know God. Digging into the Word of God everyday. I ask the Holy Spirit, my mentor, to “show me wonderful things from God’s Word” and He is faithful to answer.  I have written journals full of these wonderful truths, powerful promises and applicable insights for life and business.
We made the front cover of our company’s magazine for Business Builders of the Year!

Favor and Blessings in Business

I’ve applied these biblical principles to create success in business. For almost 20 years now, God has blessed us with an award-winning international network of business owners. I have had the privilege to speak to thousands, preach at church services and trained business leaders in many countries, from South Africa, to Europe, to Malta and Mexico. The Bible says, if you are a slave and have the opportunity to get free you should take it. I love training ambitious entrepreneurs how to break free from a job and to create their own business.

I believe that to truly be successful in family, life and business, we need revelation of everything that Jesus bought for us with His precious blood. I don’t want to waste one single drop of the blood He shed at the cross.  Do you? Knowing the truth of what Jesus did for you will impact every area of your life.

As a new creation in Christ Jesus you have a new Identity. Inheritance. Influence.

These are the truths that I am passionate about sharing with you in this blog.