Video Blogs

Here are some of my Facebook LIVE recordings. Enjoy!

Five Universal Objects to Build Your Faith Today

God’s Plan for a Family Includes You!

Everyone was created by God, but Not everyone is a Child of God. How Can You know For Sure that you are?

Good News! Your Inheritance Includes Healing

Stop begging God to heal you. He wants you healed. It belongs to you already.

Three Truths to Receiving the Healing God Wants You To Have.

The majority of church-goers believe a lie that is keeping them sick. Don’t let the enemy fool you any longer. Receive your healing now!

A Life Lesson from a Caterpillar

When you become a Child of God, it says in 2 Cor. 5:17, you are a new creation, old things are passed away and all things have become new. Wendy answers the question – why don’t I feel like a “new creation?” How does the transformation happen?

4 Strategies to Keep Out of the Enemy’s Trap!

We have the ability to choose our thoughts. If we fall for the devil’s negative thoughts we are in big trouble.

God wants you well.

Learn five keys to take hold of God’s promises for your health and healing.

Wendy’s War on Wasps

Learn three keys to supernatural victory over the enemy.

Eliminate the Roadblocks to Answered Prayer

God has already answered “yes” to all His promises to you. He is not holding out on you.

But sometimes we say “no” without realizing what we are doing. We can stop the very thing we need most when we do this one common thing. Wendy explains in this message:


Always Get What You Have Coming to You

Ever feel like your prayers don’t work? Are you not seeing the answers you need? Wendy walks you through some prayer troubleshooting to discover what’s blocking you from receiving what belongs to you.


Is That YOU God?

Have you ever debated within yourself – was that really God speaking or did I just make that up? I have. God says that His sheep hear His voice, He knows them and they obey. Here are four principles I’ve learned to help us hear His voice.


Are You Taking Communion In An Unworthy Manner?

Preachers used to scare me to death that if I took “communion unworthily” a terrible curse would come on me or lighting would strike me! Well back then I was pretty rebellious.  I was sure I was unworthy. Many times I would sneak out of the church right before communion time. But then I found out the truth. It’s not at all what I was taught growing up. I share the truth with you on this video. It set me free – I hope it does the same for you!